Meet The Team


Ms. Margarita Rayos

Ms. Marga graduated from our Lady of Fatima University with a Bachelor's degree of Elementary Education major in Early Childhood Care and Development. She continued her passion for teaching by getting units of her Master's degree in Educational Management. Ms. Marga grew up in a family of educators and discovered very early on that this path was her passion.  She enjoys watching movies, documentaries, news and current events and loves nature and dancing.

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Ms. Dianne Guerrero

Ms. Dianne is an English Language Graduate with an honor B.A in English Literature  and Pedagogy from the University of Matanzas, Cuba. Holder of a TESOL and Teaching Business English Certificates. Worked for two years in Vietnam with kindergarteners . Passionate about teaching kids and helping them grow into great human beings.

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Ms. Karren Foreman

Ms. Karren is an Early Childhood Educator who believes in intentional and purposeful learning in the childhood environment. University graduate who majored in Early Childhood Education. It is my passion to work with children and see them progress in all their stages of development.

Meet The Team